How to…Get Vision

Sometimes we think that uncovering and establishing our own missional vision is going to be difficult. It may require time and effort but we can all discover the vision that God has for us.

The key questions to ask yourself are: ‘What am I passionate about?’ and ‘What is God saying to me?’ As George Bernard Shaw said: ‘You see things as they are and ask why? But I dream things that never were and ask why not?’

Over the past few years of observing communities, we have identified that a clear vision and sense of calling has been a key factor to determine whether we see breakthrough in establishing a missional community, and if the resulting missional community achieves sustainability. Everyone can learn how to uncover their own missional vision.

A good biblical example is Nehemiah:
We see in chapter 1; Nehemiah’s picture of how things should be  which grew from description he was given of the present reality in Jerusalem. From chapter 2; He goes round the walls of Jerusalem and surveys the scene for himself and pictures how things could be.  With this vision – Nehemiah was able to lead the people in the task of rebuilding and restoring Jerusalem.

God-given vision emerges when we become aware of a situation in this world. We are gripped by how it is right now, compared to how the Holy Spirit convicts us that God intended it to be. In this gap between present reality and Kingdom possibility – vision is birthed which propels us to action.

The key to all this is prayer. Positioning ourselves to hear God’s heart and receive the revelation of what could be.

It is good to reflect on your passions, interests, relationships and networks and then add a good dose of ‘What If?’

Pray with others too as you consider the following:

  • What is our heart’s desire? – What do we long to see happen?
  • What do we ache for?    – What do we hope for?
  • What is our holy discontent?- What do we long to see changed?

Reflect on and express vision through Scripture. Share what you hear God saying with others. It may be that vision will come through prophetic words or visions from God, through other Christian leaders. or circumstances working together or through requests for help from others. Sometimes facing the truth about what is not working can help as vision can be birthed from difficulty or frustration.

It all comes back to what God is  saying to you? Don’t overlook the importance of setting aside the time to listen and hear Him speak. Once your vision is birthed, prayer becomes key to the on-going reality of your vision; see Isaiah 6: 1-9.

Remember vision and call is for everyone. Not just for the big and famous!

Jenny Rosser lives in Durham with her husband David. They have been involved in the developement and implementation of Missional Communities for the past 10 years.

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