Free ebook out now!


One of our friends Alex Absalom has just released this new FREE ebook with his colleague Greg Nettle.  It is called ‘One Of’ and follows the story of Rivertree Church Ohio on a journey of transitioning from a ‘consumer’ church into having a ‘disciple-making’ mindset.  This is what Alex says about the book.

I’m delighted to announce the publication of a FREE eBook that Greg Nettle and I have co-written!  It is being published by Exponential and covers the first part of the story of the transition that RiverTree has gone through in recent years.

Greg writes about the journey that the church went through from being just For people, to being With them, to (crucially) becoming One Of, and thus enabling the Holy Spirit to come and live In them, so that they can then in turn go and make disciples.  I then share about some of the practical steps that have taken place over the past 18 months in moving the church into a stronger disciple-making mindset.

Thanks to our sponsors – Exponential, Stadia Church Planting, Visioneering Design, Compassion International and our own Synergy – who together have enabled this book to be free to download.  So please do download it, post links wherever you like and generally pass it around!

One favor: If you like what you read, please could you post a quick review on the Exponential site?  It could just be a couple of sentences, but that would really help (especially over the first couple of weeks) if we had some good reviews!  Both Greg and I would be extremely grateful – thank you!


So if you like the sound of that, go and download it now!