How to…inspire your leaders


In another post in our How to… series, Jenny Irvine gives us a few pointers in inspiring our leaders to keep going.


Where are your leaders stuck?

Do your leaders have aspiration?  Are they seeing these dreams worked out in the fabric of their lives?  Is the reality transformation of communities?  How do we help create environments that will allow the leaders around us to thrive?  Today I suggest three areas to reflect on how we can help leaders to see, to walk, and to keep moving.



What would expand the horizons of these leaders?  It might be seeing some aspect of your life and ministry.  Are you going to visit another church, another city or another country and if so why not think about taking some other leaders with you.   If leaders cannot see that the future can be different from the present reality then which places would help them to see in action something that will inspire them?

If leaders lack aspiration – reflect on what environments you can expose them to that will spark their imaginations



To invest in other leaders you need to be willing to help them in their God-given aspirations.  Leaders who are not seeing their dreams become reality may be stuck in knowing what the stepping stones are.  Make space to listen to their aspirations and reflect on whether you have anything to offer.

If reality is lacking among leaders with big dreams – reflect on how you can make space to listen to what they see and process together what the steps might be.



Maybe leaders are telling exciting stories, but are stuck at moving beyond the intial breakthroughs into lasting community change.  For leaders to keep going they need people to talk to along the way when the going gets tough.  This conversation needs to begin before the points of burn out and giving up.

If perseverance is lacking – reflect on how you will notice when leaders are feeling the strain.



Jenny Irvine

We’re Gareth & Jenny Irvine, and in 2012 we will be planting a new missional community base called Saint Aidan’s in the north of the city of Coventry.  We’re taking a small team of young adults with us, to live as in incarnational community focused around prayer and mission.  We’re currently involved in Kidz Klub which works with children from challenging housing estates, and visit about 30 families each week on the estate where we’ll be be moving in July.