August Blogs: summer drinks, twitturgies and graphic design

Over August the MC Blog team are taking a break from writing whilst we abide and rest. To give you some food for thought and things to chew on whilst we do that we are posting a series of links to other blogs, articles, downloads and books we want to share with you. We hope you enjoy them!

N.B. These posts have been pre-set to automatically post so any comments might not be moderated until a later date.

This week we’re going to take a break from stories, tips or links about missional communities, vision or any kind of plan or project.

Instead, here are a few links to blogs that might feed your mind, your body or even your soul. Or they might just be fun for you to play with:

Christine Sine, who writes an excellent blog on mission, prayer and justice has posted some delicious sounding summer drink recipes. Why not get some people round to enjoy them: Refreshing Drinks from the garden for Hot Days

You could serve these with the ice lollies here too!

Gerard Kelly, who is developing a great movement of mission in Western Europe, has been using twitter for the last few years to write short prayers, he calls them twitturgies. They are short, pithy and often help me connect quickly to God. Why not read a few, or even have a go at a few of your own:

Jim La Page is a graphic artist who does a lot of work using bible passages. His designs are really good for looking at a part of the bible in a new way, and might even inspire your creativity.

Over to you, what other creative, thought-provoking, God connecting sites have you found recently?