Leading Kingdom Movements book: released THIS FRIDAY!

Latest book from Mike Breen available from 3dm UK

We are excited to announce that after much hard work from the teams in the US and the UK, we will be launching Mike Breen’s most recent book – ‘Leading Kingdom Movements’ in the UK this Friday 7th June! In this book, Mike explores the key components of how to lead a Kingdom movement. Starting with Jesus, then through the lens of Paul and stories and principles seen in his own life, he offers a humble way forward in creating, growing and multiplying a Kingdom movement – read a short extract from it below.

Pre-order today at www.3dmuk.com/lkm for free UK delivery! (or the equivalent discount on EU/Worldwide shipping)


lkm-front-cover-jpeg“If you visit Berlin today you will find one place where the wall still stands. On it is this quote: “Many small people doing many small things in many small places can change the face of the world.” Long before the wall came down, a reformation was rumbling around in the hearts of the people, forcing them to do many small things in many small places, over and over again. There is just such a restlessness in the people of God today. They sense there is a drift, and they long to be connected to a Christian faith that understands itself as part of something bigger, something movemental. Something of the Kingdom. This book isn’t about one movement, but a series of movements that form a larger whole that is the Kingdom of God. Lots of people. Lots of places. Chasing after where God is at work. This is nothing short of what Jesus was after.

In three years He unleashed a movement that would change the course of human history. What we see in the early church, and specifically in the person of Paul, are people who did something very simple that has profound meaning for us today: They did what Jesus taught them to do. Jesus taught his disciples how to lead a movement that would change the world. And it worked. What if we could learn those lessons again? There seem to be seasons where the world doesn’t just need change, but is actually begging for it. It’s aching for it, desperate for it. That’s how the world was in Jesus’ time. And I believe we find ourselves in that world today. This book is about learning to lead Kingdom movements that just might be able to produce that kind of change.”