Sustaining a Life of Mission: “Abide in me”



As we race towards the end of the school year, the thoughts of most of us are probably turned towards rest, to things slowing down, and to perhaps a change in the normal rhythms of family and church life. What should all this mean for Missional Communities?

John 15 talks about the principle of ‘abiding’ in the vine and of us coming back to the source of rest and life for all we do. We observe that each of us needs this time and season of abiding to be able to prepare ourselves for what God wants to do next. It is often a time when he ‘prunes’ things back so that we can be ‘even more fruitful’ in what is to come in the next season.

Follow the links below to read a series of posts on what ‘abiding’ with the Father might look like for us in our individual lives and with our ‘oikos’.

Abiding – Seasons

Abiding – Top Tips for Planning Rest

Abiding – as an individual

Abiding – as a community