‘Leading Missional Communities’ book OUT NOW!

As you’re hopefully aware our new book ‘Leading Missional Communities’ was published this week.  We are really excited about this book and hope that it will be tremendously helpful to Missional Community leaders everywhere!  Here are what people are saying about it.

lmc-book“It is one thing to launch a missional community and another thing to keep it alive and thriving. This book is not a fake, not a whimsical theory. This book is blue-collar, birthed out of the real kingdom work of forging communities on mission. Missional Communities have become a bit of a fad but 3dm pushes past the labels and works out the fundamentals of mission and gathering in the Early Church to extrapolate timeless principles for our current climate. Whether Missional Communities is the name we’ll use 20 years from now, the matter of mission in Post-Christendom will need to be light weight and low maintenance. This is what has always resonated with me about 3dm. This guidebook unearths the necessity to keep it nimble and streamlined for the future of mission. This is a book for leaders but brings the mechanics of mission into the hands of parishioners. Simplicity in planning, small budgets, minimal dependency on buildings are all essentials for incarnating the Gospel in neighborhoods. This book follows through with explaining how mission and gathering can function simply.”

“Pick this book up, highlight it, scribble notes all over the page and ask God to meet you as the 3dm team probes and prods you with thoughtful questions and answers on mission.”

“The conversation about missional communities (MC’s) is in danger of having lots of sizzle and no substance. Leading Missional Communities (LMC) provides reasoned experience, biblical anchors, and practical wisdom to cut through the sizzle and lay hold of the substance. The beginning chapters make a bold claim: the future of God’s community, the church, hinges on recovering the vision and practice of oikos (extended family on mission). LMC thankfully leaves behind the incessant deconstruction of ‘what is wrong with small groups’ and shows a way forward: medium-sized groups, committed to a network and/or neighborhood, that are centers of mission and discipleship.Highly recommended.”

“Leading Missional Communities book is the best theory & practice book I’ve read so far – wish I’d had it five years ago”

“As someone who has led Missional Communities for over ten years, I can highly recommend this book.  It gives you all the right building blocks for getting started and growing a successful MC, and offers tips on how to do this in practical and realistic ways. The foundational principles of ‘family on mission’, discipleship and Person of Peace are covered, as well as some real-life examples to inspire you and much more. It is a great reference book to come back to again and again as you face different challenges in leading MCs. Best of all the book is short, simple to read and apply…a must read for every Missional Community Leader!”

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