Christmas, People of Peace and what (not) to do


Christmas.  Rest.  Peace.  Joy.  Glory.

Not if you’re a member of staff at a church – or at least that has been my experience previously.

I pressured myself to plan and host amazing services.  I had to have the complete Nigella experience going in my home so I was able to invite (and actually all I really wanted to do was impress) my People of Peace to partake in my picture-perfect family Christmas.  I had totally mis-interpreted the People of Peace teaching.  I was trying to build church in my home so that I could be the centre of Christmas for all and sundry.  And it was exhausting.

Then during Christmas 2010 I had a revelation.

My People of Peace actually quite like me.  Just me.  Not my Mary Berry’s Ginger and Black Treacle Spiced Traybake or Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas Crafts….

Hence – these are my suggestions of, ‘Things to do with your People of Peace this Christmas…’

  • It’s worth saying again.  People of Peace like you. They want to spend time with you and so they will INVITE you (shock horror) to things that they are doing – it may be anything from a night out in town, pub lunch in the countryside to a Christmas Market or even an event at their local church.  A really easy, low maintenance, ‘Thing to do with your person of peace’ is accept their invitation!
  • Take a look at what is going on in your geographical community.  Around us we have Farm Nativities, Miniature Railway Christmas Specials, Victorian Christmas Markets, Cathedral services and more.  Choose one you really like the sound of and go as a community, with your people of peace to this (non-church) event.  Have an open house at one of your homes beforehand where you could:
    • christmas marketSing carols around the tree
    • Tell a story to the kids
    • Go on a ‘night-walk’ with torches to the local chippy and eat chips on the way back (a personal family favourite)
    • Make a christingle
    • Do some craft together (don’t beat yourself up – Yellow Moon  are fab for ready-made Christmas stuff)
    • Light a fire outside and toast marshmallows
    • Pray for healing for family and friends of those there
    • Watch ‘The Nativity’
    • Watch a really popular Christmas Film (we’ve done Elf, Polar Express and Scrooge) and talk about how this shows the real meaning of Christmas
    • If you are participating in an event that’s at your church, invite your People of Peace onto your team.  My people of peace serve at all sorts of things – this year they’ll be helping at Pre-Schoolers Christmas Crafts, Carol singing for our seniors’ lunch club and Nativities.  One of my People of Peace is even organising our Community’s Christmas Lunch and Party!

And, hopefully, you can sit back, rest and focus on sharing the love of Jesus with your People of Peace throughout  the festive season 🙂


Nicole Brown


I came to Sheffield and KC in 1992 as a student… and I’m still here!  I started leading worship a week after becoming a Christian and I am now worship co-ordinator for the King’s Centre and Worship Team Leader for New Wine North and East.  I also work in Freelance Educational Consultancy.  I am married to Steve and we have three gorgeous children. I love seeing the Lord being lifted up and drawing us to Himself – I long to see Kingdom breakthrough in our community so that we see more people living meaningful, Jesus-filled and focussed lives.  I believe that as we worship we can encounter heaven and change earth (there is a song in there somewhere!!)