Introducing the #OURMSC project


One of the things we keep hearing is that there is a need for more stories about Missional Communities in action.  To be honest we feel it too,  we know there are loads of people out there doing pretty remarkable things as they follow God’s call to live as families on mission.

We want to hear more about these people and that is why we are launching the #OURMSC project.

Do you lead or participate in a Missional Community?  If so we would like you to make a short video (about 2 minutes long) to introduce us to your community and your story.


We’d like you to tell us:  

  • Who are you and where are you based?
  • What is your MSC called?
  • What is your vision as an MSC?
  • What do you love about being in a MSC?
  • Can you tell us about one thing (up, in or out focused) that you did as a community recently.


Please put your video on youtube or vimeo and then tweet us a link using the hashtag #OURMSC any time during April or May.

We’re hoping that your responses to this project will help build up a bank of stories to show the diversity and creativity that God is releasing through missional communities.

Throughout the next two months we will be retweeting your videos and posting some of them here.

As an extra little incentive we are going to give one participant a copy of the core 3DM Discipleship and Mission books.

We’re looking forward to seeing your videos!