Family Missional Communities Survey RESULTS!


THANK YOU SO MUCH to all those who took part in our recent Families and Missional Communities survey – we had a fantastic response and have had some really interesting feedback from you which is proving very helpful as we look to develop resources to help those of you in Family MCs. The survey is now closed!  We are on the way to developing our first resource based on on your feedback which will be released in June – do look out for it then!

One of the questions we asked was about what you find are the greatest joys in being part of or leading a family-based MC. The most popular responses were…

  • vintageLearning to live as an extended family on mission together
  • Seeing all ages, including children, worshiping and being engaged in mission together
  • Seeing unchurched or dechurched families go on a journey of faith together

We loved this quote in response to the question as well…

I lead a missional community with my husband and my 12,10 & 6 year old children. My biggest joy is experiencing our faith together. Hearing them speak of praying with people at school, praying for each other in the MC, want to read the bible and ask questions. Before we went to church together and came home together and all went our own seperate ways in between. Now we are working and learning as a team. Priceless!

One of the other questions we asked, and is one of those which is really helping us shape what we work on for you, is “What are the biggest challenges you face in leading family MCs?” You responded….

  • Helping people to understand what living as extended family/oikos means
  • Developing rhythms and patterns that work for families
  • Working on the logistics of meeting together and knowing what to do when we meet

As we process the responses further we plan to do a blog series on some of these most pressing and challenging questions as part of helping to resource you so do look out for that soon.


So once again, thank you so much for your responses, we really appreciate it.  If you were one of those who participated and entered to win some free resources then we will be in touch with the lucky winners once we’ve developed something we can give you!