Stories from Switzerland


Today we post some testimonies and stories that have come from the Zurich Vineyard church who have been engaging in developing Missional Communities for a while now.  We hope they inspire and encourage you!


Gubrist Süd

stepping stonesI work in a family café and through that I get in touch with women and we can talk about faith. Most of the times these were just one off conversations about Jesus and I didn’t know what I could do about it. Because our church gathering on a Sunday is a bit of a drive away I felt that it was too big a step to invite to our church service. In that phase we got encouraged to go to the people like Jesus did. So I decided together with a friend of mine to start a women’s group and by that bringing the church to them. I invited these women for coffee and to get to know God and the Bible better and to pray for one another. Right at the start four women came. We started by reading the bible and talking about what we read. Everyone was very interested in what we as leaders experience with Jesus but somehow Jesus was not so real for them. Therefore we started asked the questions: ‘Where does the Bible passage speak to you?’ and ‘What are you going to put into practice in the next weeks?’ The trust level increased and they started to share their problems. We prayed for one another and saw some great breakthroughs.

At some point one of the women asked how one can be sure to go to heaven. So we talked about it and they all made a decision of what they felt in their heart that they wanted to belong to God. It became really important for us to disciple them in a ongoing process so that they will carry their testimony into their families in a natural way, and by that God’s kingdom would become visible in our village and the surrounding area.



At one of our recent outreaches with the kids we talked with them about prayer. As we asked them as we met the next time whether they had prayed in the meantime and whether God had answered their prayers a child on the first grade answered: My homework is sometimes so difficult. I just don’t know what I am supposed to do. Therefore I pray each time and God shows me how I have to do my homework.



We have a real passion for our neighbourhood. Around six years ago we moved into the area where we still live now und quickly we could develop good and deep relationships with people from this area. We always wanted to have an open house for people to join our lives. It was also there where a parent-children singing event started where a lot of our neighbours were interested in. Nevertheless we were lacking of other Christians that would share the same vision and passion. As in last autumn friends of ours moved into the same area and as we started to meet once a month for an open dinner meal the breakthrough happened. We could invite our people of peace into our community and our friends became more and more their friends.


If you have any stories to share do send them our way!