Our Story

Over 20 years ago a movement was birthed.

It began with ordinary people. Office workers, mums, students, families, young adults, the unemployed.

Ordinary people inspired and discipled by an extraordinary God.

Those ordinary people began to look like disciples of Jesus, leaders in their environment – wherever that was, in whatever they did, and they began to change the world around them.

Now that movement is pushing beyond its original Sheffield boundaries.

We live in a changing world. UK Christendom has long gone and a new approach for our nation is needed.

We cannot wait and expect them to ‘come to us’.
Our heart beats for communities who love God, love each other and are good news to the world around them.Our nation needs missional disciples who authentically live out the call of Jesus in their everyday lives.

Our vision is for a movement – a missional movement birthed from, and lived out through, the local church.

As part of this growing movement, Missional Communities UK exist to resource, equip and train the vast number of  leaders across the UK who are asking the same questions:

  • How do we solve the discipleship crisis that is crippling the Church?
  • What does the Church of the future look like?
  • How do we re-engage the Church with mission?
  • How do we fulfil Jesus’ Commission to “go and make disciples”? ( (Matthew 28:19)

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The Missional Communities team are a part of Kairos Connexion. Please feel free to get in touch with them to hear more about ways to receive training, or connect with other leaders.